Nom: Barbara Gray
Jour: mai 04, 2013
Heure: 2:00 PM
Durée: 1.0 hr
Langue: English
Départ: The Bronfman Amphitheatre next to the Perez Building, UOttawa
Fin: same
Quartier: Centretown/SandyHill
Distance: 0.0 km

The venue is accessible via city sidewalks and paved paths.  Attendees may be seated during the performance.   Parking is available in the university parking lots (note that these are 'Pay and Display')

Street People: Poetry and a Play



Photo:  The Bronfman Amphitheatre at the University of Ottawa

This 'walk' offers a literary perspective on homelessness.  It begins with poet and playwright Barbara Gray reading a series of poems she has written about a street person that she observed frequently on local streets.  These poems were written over a period of time.

Following the poetry reading, there will be a performance of a skit entitled 'On the Move."  The skit is one of several scenes that Barbara found inspiration for many years ago about two endearing old ladies.  It's time they are freed from the words on paper and  given a chance to express themselves in front of an audience.  Their situation is not dire; they manage to survive mostly on the streets.  Barbara looks forward to introducing you to these characters with the help of her director and a great cast of volunteers.  A program identifying the company will be distributed to participants at the venue. 

Following the play, Jane Scharf, a local advocate for homeless people, will make a few remarks on the issues raised by this play, followed by a question and answer session.  Note that Jane is co-leader for a walk on Sunday (May 5), Places of Significance to Homeless People.


This 'walk' will be performed at the Bronfman Amphitheatre at the University of Ottawa.  Seating is provided on a concrete 'bench.'

Jane's Walk Ottawa thanks the University of Ottawa for loaning us this space. 


Barbara Gray is a local poet and author.