Nom: Alex deVries
Jour: mai 05, 2013
Heure: 2:00 PM
Durée: 1.5 hr
Langue: English
Départ: War Museum, NE corner of parking lot
Fin: Corktown Bridge (at the Canal and Somerset)
Quartier: Lebreton Flats/Centretown
Distance: 4.0 km

Note that this tour is by bicycle, not walking. This will be slow, easy biking with many stops.  Most of these streets are calm, but we may walk certain sections if they are busy or people feel uncomfortable.

Bike Tour: How Ottawa's bike infrastructure is changing


Looking at infrastructure like paths, bike lanes, and intersection design, this bike ride will explore how the city is changing to make biking easier and safer.



Photo:  Cyclists crossing Corktown Bridge.

This bike ride shows how the city is changing to make biking easier and safer. We'll look at infrastructure like paths, bike lanes, and intersections in the downtown area. Some of the great facilities we have are decades old, some are new, and more are planned.

This isn't only about the good stuff, we'll also look at some of the failures and some problems not addressed. There will be photos that show how other cities in North America and Europe have addressed similar problems.


We'll start at the War Museum and proceed east on bike paths and side streets. We'll end at the Corktown Bridge (at the Canal and Somerset). We'll stop a dozen times.

If you brought your bike by car, you can follow the same route back to the museum.


Alex bikes throughout the city and has toured in a dozen countries.  His somewhat usual hobby is tracking bike infrastructure, so he follows city planning projects closely.  Alex also takes complaints from cyclists about their experience on the roads!  He's the Vice-President of Citizens for Safe Cycling.