Nom: Glenn Clark
Jour: mai 08, 2016
Heure: 2:00 PM
Durée: 2.0 hr
Langue: English
Départ: Exptal Farm Parking Lot near Roundabout
Fin: Magnolia Grove, Dominion Arboretum adjacent to Prince of Wales Drive and the Trillium Line
Quartier: Central Experimental Farm
Distance: 1.0 km

Most of the walk will follow roads and visitor pathways in the Experimental Farm and Arboretum.  Some of the roads will be gravel and it will be necessary to cross flat grass areas to see the magnolia trees close-up.  

The Magnolias of the Dominion Arboretum



Discover where the Central Experimental Farm and the Dominion Arboretum are hiding the magnolias!  This walk is an opportunity to see these beautiful flowering trees when they are in bloom. Magnolias produce large and often fragrant flowers in a range of colours including white, pink, purple, and yellow.  In Ottawa, peak flowering usually occurs in early to mid-May. 

Photo: Kobushi magnolia with a visiting honey bee.

Magnolias are usually associated with more southern climates, yet they have been successfully grown in Ottawa for many years. Following a milder winter, and with good luck, we will see them at their best. Tips on growing magnolias and variety selection will be provided. 

For more information on magnolias in Ottawa, see and this gardening newsletter from Lee Valley.     For general information on magnolias, consult


We will meet in the parking lot near the Ornamental Gardens of the Central Experimental Farm.  From the parking lot, we will walk south briefly to an enclosed area that has been planted with magnolia trees. We will then walk eastward past Prince of Wales Drive and the roundabout and continue eastward into the Dominion Arboretum.  We'll take a left turn past Building 72 (which houses the Friends of the Central Experimental Farm office) and continue past the parking lot onto a gravel road going downhill again towards Prince of Wales Drive. To the right at the bottom of the hill is the main magnolia collection. A further small collection has been planted to the east of a row of pine trees and towards Dow's Lake.  

The walk will end at this magnolia grove, adjacent to Prince of Wales Drive and the Trillium Line (O-Train).


Magnolia enthusiast Glenn Clark is a life member of Magnolia Society International and has grown magnolias in Ottawa for 40 years.