Nom: Jonathan Rausseo
Jour: mai 07, 2017
Heure: 11:00 AM
Durée: 2.0 hr
Langue: English
Départ: Tabaret Hall, 550 Cumberland
Fin: 800 King Edward
Quartier: UOttawa Campus/Sandy Hill
Distance: 1.5 km

The route will be along paved walkways and sidewalks and the buildings we will visit are all accessible.

UOttawa Campus Sustainability Tour



Photo: UOttawa's LEED Gold Social Sciences Building

This walk is a green tour of the University of Ottawa, focusing on the environmental infrastructure and social interaction of the University of Ottawa and the City of Ottawa (including the Sandy Hill area). The tour is organized by the Office of Campus Sustainability and will include topics related to green space, transportation, engineering, architecture, land planning, and agriculture. 

You can learn more about the Office of Campus Sustainability and their initiatives at


Meet at the front steps of Tabaret Hall, 550 Cumberland Ave.  The route will follow pedestrian paths through the University of Ottawa Campus and will occasionally go into some of the buildings.  We'll end at the EITI/SITE Building, 800 King Edward, near the intersection with Mann Ave./Greenfield Ave.


Jonathan Rausseo is the Campus Sustainability Manager at the University of Ottawa and has been working on sustainability initiatives since 2006. He is an graduate of the University of Ottawa and has helped consult with various environmental NGOs in the City of Ottawa.