Nom: Bob Hatfield
Jour: mai 07, 2017
Heure: 2:30 PM
Durée: 1.5 hr
Langue: English
Départ: Bytown Museum
Fin: Langevin Block
Quartier: Parliament Hill
Distance: 2.0 km

There are steep steps between the Bytown Museum and street level. 

Ottawa workers through time and space



Workers with many skills from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds have made significant contributions to landmarks and infrastructure in Ottawa:  First Nations, farmers, lumber workers, transport workers, the military, cultural workers, and government employees.  Discover how their work has shaped the history and geography of the National Capital Region. 


Meet at the Bytown Museum, next to the canal locks between Parliament Hill and the Chateau Laurier.  From there, we will walk north to the Ottawa River, then back south along the Rideau Canal and up Canal Lane to Confederation Square. We'll move clockwise around the National War Memorial to end in front of the Langevin Block.

Photo:  the Bytown Museum

Bytown Museum


Bob Hatfield is the former president of the Workers' History Museum. He has an MA in geography and worked as a union educator for many decades.