Nom: Kevin Bosch
Jour: mai 05, 2013
Heure: 2:00 PM
Durée: 1.0 hr
Langue: English
Départ: Behind Symmes Inn Museum near the parking lot of the Marina
Fin: same
Quartier: Aylmer
Distance: 1.5 km
The walk will follow city sidewalks and paved walkways.

Aylmer's Waterfront & Main Street


A walk along Aylmer's Main Street shows how it has developed into a vibrant community.



Photo:  Rue Principale, Alymer.

As one of the oldest settlements in the region, Old Aylmer has a wealth of heritage buildings many of which have been wonderfully re-purposed for modern uses. A walk along Aylmer's Main Street shows how a vibrant community has developed with a balanced mix of heritage homes, newer residences, commercial enterprises and public and cultural services in a way which respects both the historical roots of our community as well as the needs of today's families.

The first part of our tour will trace the development of Aylmer from a few houses on the shore of the river through its period in the 1800s as an important transportation point and administrative centre. From earliest times, native people and later explorers and fur traders had to stop at the foot of the rapids before crossing the difficult portage to reach Lac Deschenes and again at Lac des Chats. In the second part of the tour, we will walk along Rue Principale, stopping at historic buildings along the way. When we reach the old Court House, we will turn around and come back to the Symmes Inn.

The Aylmer Heritage Association is a volunteer citizen group formed in 1974 to promote Aylmer's heritage, preserve the character of the community, ensure architectural integration of buildings, old and new, and to raise awareness of the value of our built heritage to our quality of life and the local economy.

Cette promenade a également lieu en français.


Starting at the Symmes Inn Museum at the Marina in Aylmer, we will walk along the river and then we will follow Main Street (Rue Principale) to the old Court House and retrace our steps to the starting point.


Kevin Bosch is a resident of Aylmer and is active in both the Aylmer Heritage Association and The Symmes Inn Museum. He is an experienced walking tour guide and is keen to share his enthusiasm for Aylmer.