Nom: Robert Serré
Jour: mai 05, 2013
Heure: 1:30 PM
Durée: 1.5 hr
Langue: English
Départ: Pilos Restaurant (corner Montreal Rd & Carson’s Rd)
Fin: same
Distance: 2.0 km
Unpaved paths and rough terrain. Proper footwear needed to walk around trees and through brush.

Gloucester Quarries



Photo:  Exploring the Quarry.

Between Montfort Hospital and the National Research Council on Montreal Road, there were once commercial quarries which have since been abandoned or filled in. This walk will show you the location of two quarries that gave rise to a thriving village with a school and post office. You will learn about this village and its importance to the growth of Ottawa.


We will walk north from Pilos Restaurant on Codd's Road and turn left at the first street north of Montreal Road, walking towards Montfort Hospital along residential roads and footpaths, until a stone ruin can be seen on the left side of the street.. We will return the same way.


Robert Serré is a retired translator who has lived within 1 kilometre of the Gloucester Quarries for over thirty years. Since retiring, Robert has developed a passion for local history, and has published several books on communities formerly located in Gloucester Township which are now part of Ottawa, including Gloucester Quarries, Glen Ogilvie, Cyrville, New Edinburgh, Hurdman's Bridge, Janeville, Manor Park, Carlsbad Springs, Orleans, and Clarkstown.