Nom: Viv Mitchell
Jour: mai 04, 2014
Heure: 2:00 PM
Durée: 1.5 hr
Langue: English
Départ: Watson's Mill, Manotick, 5525 Dickinson Street
Fin: same
Quartier: Manotick
Distance: 3.0 km

There are two sets of steps as we cross the Mill bridge, and a soft gravel path through a forest that strollers and wheelchairs would find difficult. There are two other firm gravel paths as well.  Sturdy walking shoes are recommended.

Manotick: Strolling the South Island



Watson's Mill, Manotick

Surrounded by the Rideau River, the southern part of Manotick's Long Island is not only a pretty residential community, it's also home to lovely waterfront parks, walking trails, an urban forest, unique sporting facilities, and more. Enjoy some history and local culture as we stroll from the old (Watson's Mill) to the new (Manotick Public Library) and back again with stops at Barney McCarney Landing, A.Y. Jackson Park, and other places of interest.

Watson's Mill will open on May 4, 1:00 to approx. 3:00 pm.    Come meet the millers of Watson’s Mill and watch as they assemble the millstones and prepare the 150-year-old equipment for the upcoming milling season.  The Watson's Mill website is here

The Manotick Art Association is also holding their annual show at the Manotick Curling Club,10:30 - 4:30 pm.


Beginning at Watson's Mill, we will walk across the dam, through a path and down South River Drive to Barney McCarney Landing. Then we will walk up Van Vliet Road, through a forest path to Hill Street, circle back to Van Vliet, a make a stop at the Curling Club.  From the Curling Club, we'll, cut through a path to South Island Park, then on to the Library and Long Island Aquatic Club on east shore. Finally, we go down Bridge Street and through AY Jackson Park, returning to Watson's Mill.


Viv Mitchell is a longtime Manotick resident and business owner. Other Manotick residents will join us to contribute stories about the places they feel make Manotick a unique place to live and visit.