Nom: Ian Capstick
Jour: mai 04, 2014
Heure: 1:00 PM
Durée: 1.0 hr
Langue: English
Départ: At the foot of the Peace Tower, Centre Block
Fin: East Block
Quartier: Parliament Hill
Distance: 1.5 km

The route will follow sidewalks and paved walkways.

Protests, Rebellion, and Attacks on the Hill: Security Incursions in the Parliamentary precinct and how they've helped shape our democracy



  Parliament Hill

Many Canadians know Parliament Hill as regular focus of peaceful protests, but sometimes things on the Hill get a little more intense. The very placement of the Parliament Buildings was a security decision. We'll talk about the FLQ crisis, fenian assassins, and failed 1960s-era pipe-bombers and how these incidents—along side more modern incursions by environmentalists and others—have helped shape access to Parliament Hill.

This will be a fast-paced 30–45 minute talk about many of the famous and not-so-famous protests, rebellions, and attacks on Parliament Hill.


Our walk will remain in the area of the Peace Tower and the East Block lawn.


Ian Capstick is a long-time political assistant and amateur historian of the Parliamentary precinct. Giving tours of the interiors and exterior of the building has never been in Ian's official job description, but he always makes time to provide in-depth experiences for people visiting the buildings. A critic of the stale official programming on the Hill, Ian collects history of the buildings as it relates to historic events.