Nom: Glenn Clark
Jour: mai 03, 2014
Heure: 10:00 AM
Durée: 1.5 hr
Langue: English
Départ: Albion Rd. & Bridle Path
Fin: Albion Rd. near Lester Rd.
Distance: 1.0 km

The entire route is accessible following paved road shoulders.

Blossom Park's Industrial Past



Blossom Park was developed in a hodge-podge manner prior to modern urban planning. We'll discuss how this former Gloucester community, originally completely separate from the City of Ottawa and constrained by the Greenbelt, has changed over the years. We will pass some memorable sites along our walk. Come and enjoy a trip down memory lane.


The route is a straight line along Albion Road with occasional deviations.


Glenn Clark is a native of the Blossom Park area and witnessed many of the changes in the community that he'll be talking about. He is currently the President of the Gloucester Historical Society and loves learning (and talking!) about local history.

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